William Eason Haney | Newborn

This precious little boy. Oh, he is so loved. Watching Caroline and Austin be parents to this little bundle of snuggles was the sweetest thing.

Caroline is already one of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met, and now her eyes just melt when she holds her son. Her gentle demeanor, so collected and thoughtful, a graceful woman of God so engulfed in love and her role as Will’s mother. Austin is so kind to his son. Sweet words, ‘Daddy’s here’ and caring cradling arms, a strong man of God running full bore and full joy into his new role as Will’s father.

The love in the room with the three of them is tangible, like electricity running through the air. A little family of three, full of joy and love. God has blessed this little family of three. Blessed beyond measure.

Heather March