Carmen & Tim | Wedding

Carmen and Tim’s riverside wedding was a central Washington summer dream.

The morning of the wedding some horses we later found like to escape their pasture showed up. Munching grass all around the ceremony site they made the morning feel like some kind of fairytale. The air was still cool from the night and activity was low as the morning got underway. Chairs were getting set up and straightened, linens placed on tables and centerpieces arranged.

Inside was calm with a few nervous edges as outfits were readied for the big day. Outside heavy summertime warmth filled with green-feelings filled the air. Activity was picking up. The river quietly whispered behind the ceremony site, while guests milled about, sat down and the ceremony got underway.

Every little detail had so much love poured in. Friends arranged succulents on the cake and created the table’s centerpieces. Details were perfect. Personal, fully Carmen and Tim and their unique brand of love.

Merry and married the festivities began, drinks were poured, food was had and as the sun set the live band started up the air came alive with the happiest of energy. Bluegrass danced through the air and into the night.

Heather March