Isaac & Olivia | Wedding

This wedding. Oh my heart this wedding.

Best start to the 2019 wedding season I could have ever asked for.

Isaac and Olivia are the sweetest, most darling couple. Their wedding was darling, and absolutely overflowing with love from their friends and family. This barn was full of ‘barn stuff’ just 6 days before, but rain impending and lots of elbow grease pulled off this dream of an indoor farm venue. Such a labor of love by everyone, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seriously heart eyes about the whole place all day.

The giggles and the details and the joy-fueled smiles warmed my heart to near exploding. These two have love in their eyes, and the cutest, biggest, brightest smiles.

This field was a dream come true, green expanses and tire tracks are just a few of my faaaaavorite things.

Gold details, greenery and God-focused; this wedding could not have gotten any better.

Heather March