Hey there!

Thank you for being here and considering me to capture the memories of this snippet of your lives! Every moment is important, every smile and frown, every teensy bit of time we get to spend with friends, family and loved ones. It’s all worth cherishing & remembering.

And that’s where I come in.


Let’s be honest, this isn’t going to go how you think it will go.

I’m just being real.

Kids will be kids. And we go with the flow, take some photos & have fun while doing it.


You, yes you. I know you’ll be stressed about how everyone (husband included) is behaving. Wanting to help me get the smiles and the giggles and the fun for the photos, make sure everyone keeps their clothes clean, etc. 

I have one word for you: relax

I got this. Photography doesn’t have to be stiff, and full of bribes (though they can help). We can have fun and play, and I can best engage everyone, kiddos especially, if you’re relaxed. Your kids cue off of you, so if you’re stressed or nervous or self conscious, they will be too. So stop with the fussing and the bribing and let me handle it. If I need your help I’ll ask, with something like”…don’t you think, Mom” tacked onto the end of my sentence. 


This is for you. I’m willing to bet you’re not a fan of being in photos. I know you’re probably only here because your wife made you come. But I’ve got a secret: It’s not gonna be as bad as you think. Just let loose, have fun. Play with your kids, kiss your wife, and let me do the work. And who knows, if you’re on your best behavior your wife might even thank you for it later. 

Little Kiddos.

I’m so excited to play with you and have fun and ask you questions and answer your questions. Let’s make today fun! We will need to do some smiling at the camera, but you don’t need to be nervous about that, alright? You can just be you, however you’re feeling. I’m often shy, but I also like to be silly, and make friends with new people. I can’t wait to be new friends with you! 

Older Kiddos.

Alright, I might need your help here a little okay? I don’t know if you want to be here or not, but let me tell you, it’ll be worth it. It might not feel like it today or tomorrow or next year, but I promise you one day you’ll think this was worth it. So let loose, forget about my camera, and let’s just hang out for a bit!